Specialized Family Care Program

Tourette Syndrome

  • Category: Developmental Disability
  • Materials: Articles: "Tourette Syndrome;" "Tourette Syndrome Fact Sheet" from National Institue of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • Goal: Provider can provide care to an individual with Tourette syndrome.
  • Credit Hours: 1 Hour
  • Date Developed: December 2011
  • Developed by: Donna McCune, SFC Liaison

Training Objectives:

  1. Provider knows the definition of Tourette syndrome
  2. Provider knows the different types of tics
  3. Provider knows characteristics of Tourette syndrome
  4. Provider knows how to manage behaviors of an individual with Tourette Syndrome

Training Procedures:

  • *Provider initiated self-study. Alternate formats of the study materials are available upon request. (View Course Materials)
  • Test completed by Provider (Take the Test Below)
  • Review of test responses by Family Based Care Specialist and Provider