Specialized Family Care Program

Ticks and Lyme Disease

  • Category: Health Issues
  • Materials: Articles from Center for Disease Control and Prevention, http://www.cdc.gov/ticks
  • Goal: Provider knows preventative techniques to avoid illness related to tick bites.
  • Credit Hours: 1 Hour
  • Date Developed: June 2012
  • Developed by: Donna McCune, MSW, Specialized Family Care Liaison

Training Objectives:

  1. Provider knows how to reduce risks of exposure to ticks
  2. Provider knows how to locate and remove ticks from the body
  3. Provider can recognize the common symptoms of tick-related illness
  4. Provider knows the symptoms of Lyme disease

Training Procedures:

  • *Provider initiated self-study. Alternate formats of the study materials are available upon request. (View Course Materials)
  • Test completed by Provider (Take the Test Below)
  • Review of test responses by Family Based Care Specialist and Provider