Specialized Family Care Program

Developmental Disabilities

  • Category: Pre-Service Training
  • Materials: Article: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
  • Goal: Pre-service training handouts titled "Developmental Disabilities"
  • Credit Hours: 1 Hour
  • Date Developed: February 2010
  • Developed by: Donna McCune, Specialized Family Care Program

Training Objectives:

  1. Specialized Family Care Provider can define a developmental disability, naming common examples
  2. Specialized Family Care Provider knows factors which may contribute to a developmental disability
  3. Specialized Family Care Provider knows how to honor the right of persons with disabilities to live as normal a life as possible

Training Procedures:

  • *Provider initiated self-study. Alternate formats of the study materials are available upon request. (View Course Materials)
  • Test completed by Provider below
  • Review of test responses by Family Based Care Specialist and Provider