Specialized Family Care Program

Medication Administration Guide - Proper Medication Storage, Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs, Classification of Medications, Generic Medications, WV Poison Control, Monitoring Purpose & Effects of Medication, Using Prescription Drug Info., Interpretation of Pharmacy Labels, Vitamins and; Herbal Supplements, Contents for First Aid Kit

  • Category: Training Updates
  • Materials: Medication Administration Guide Document, Sections XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV
  • Goal: Provider knows classifications of medications and follows proper usage, storage and safety precautions
  • Credit Hours: 1 Hour
  • Date Developed: June 2010
  • Developed by: Donna McCune, Family Based Care Specialist

Training Objectives:

  1. Provider understands classifications of medication
  2. Provider knows proper method for storage and disposal of medication
  3. Provider demonstrates understanding of prescription drug information & pharmacy labels
  4. Provider knows how to contact the WV Poison Control Center
  5. Provider reviews and updates contents of First Aid Kit

Training Procedures:

  • *Provider initiated self-study. Alternate formats of the study materials are available upon request. (Cover Sheet View Course Materials)
  • Test completed by Provider (Take the Test Below)
  • Review of test responses by Family Based Care Specialist and Provider

* The test is packaged with the Course Materials, however you can take the test online by clicking the link above. Test answers are then submitted electronically to a Family Based Care Specialist for review.